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Case study: Phillip Leverhulme equine hospital

In February of 2019 Daray were contacted by Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery David Stack and asked if we would be able to replace the aging halogen theatre lights in the Equine Orthopaedic Theatre…

The S440, DARAY’s latest LED minor surgical light offering, will be unveiled at this year’s Healthcare Estates show.

UK manufacturer DARAY Medical, exhibiting for the third consecutive year in a row, have extended their range of surgical lights to include the new model that they are calling their ‘most versatile lighting product yet’.

Daray Dental – A short history

Daray Ltd have been producing lights for Dentists in the UK since the seventies and our most famous light, the Bilite, since 1981. The Bilite, with its halogen bulbs and twin reflectors are as synonymous with the 80’s as a well-known robot from a popular 1985 movie. Most people in the UK, at some point have had a Bilite pointed at them during a dental checkup

Daray Medical Lighting -Trust DARAY® Products for your Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Practice

DARAY® Medical Lighting has been an innovator in Medical Lighting solutions for half a century. Our experience and expertise have made us a trusted lighting company in the UK. Our products, designed specifically for the Medical, Dental and Veterinary markets, feature our environmentally-friendly LED technology and are made with decades of experience within clinical environments.

We work hard to encourage all of our customers to adopt lighting solutions with a low environmental impact, together helping to reduce carbon emissions and leave a better future for coming generations.

Established in 1968, the DARAY® Medical Lighting brand is well-known in the UK and Internationally. Our medical lighting range consists of; Operating Theatre lights, Minor Surgical lights, Examination lights, Dental lights, X-Ray Film Viewers, Headlights and Patient Reading lights, all featuring DARAY’s leading-edge LED technology.

We currently supply a large range of equipment to both the NHS and the private sector – and our range of LED examination lights have been specified and installed in most new build hospitals, medical centres, and veterinary practices throughout the UK. Count on us to supply all your hospital lighting needs.

All of our products stand up to the daily stresses and strains that busy environments place upon them, and many of our lighting products feature BioProtect®, DARAY’s Antimicrobial solution coating to assist in the management of infection control.

Buying medical products from DARAY® Medical Lighting gives you reliability and peace of mind from a name you can trust.